Globular Cluster ... Messier 10
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Added July 31, 2019 ...
Messier 10 (New General Catalog 6254) is a fine globular cluster that's located in the constellation of Ophiuchus which is high in the southern sky around 10 pm in late July. M10 is 14,300 light-years distant from earth and about 16,000 light-years from the galactic center (Earth is about 25,000 ly from the center). It is estimated to be 11.4 billion years old with mostly 1st and 2nd generation (gold, red, and white color) stars, as compared to our sun which is a 3rd generation star being relatively young at 4.3 billion years old. However, the blue color stars are younger being about 2-5 billion years old. It's estimated M10 contains 100,000 stars. The entire system is contained within our Milky Way Galaxy.

The Techy Stuff ... For those who want to know ...
Telescope: Celestron 11" Edge HD at f/10
Mount: Celestron CGX
Polar Alignment: QHY Pole Master
Mount controls: Celestron PWI V2.1.25
Camera: Altair 'Hypercam 294c Pro tec'
Camera sensor temperature setting: 32F (0C)
Filter: Baader UHC-S Light Pollution
Guiding: PHD2 (RMS Error: 0.35px ... i.e. good tracking)
Capture Software: SharpCap Pro
Settings: Binning 1x1 ... Fits files
Light Frames: 33 at 60 seconds ... gain: 35000
Bias Frames: 40
Dark Frames: 40
Flat Frames: none
Stacked in Deep Sky Stacker w/2x Drizzle
Post Processing: PixInsight & Photoshop CC 2019
Seeing conditions: 8 (based on 0-10 where 10 is crystal clear)
Outside Temperature: 79F
Bortle Light Pollution index: 4.5 (Can barely see the Milky Way)
Location: My Backyard, Savannah, GA

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