The Nighttime Sky for September-October, 2020:

The Planets:
The period begins with Jupiter and Saturn side-by-side medium high in the south at sunset and in the SW by October. Watch the two as they appear closer and closer to each other and by December 20 will be 'touching' each other in the sky view (but will be nearly a half billion miles apart). The highlight for this period though is Mars which is now approaching opposition (Earth between it and the sun with Mars being at its closest distance to earth) on October 13. On that date Mars will be about 39 millions miles away. Mars is shining bright fiery ruddy red rising shortly after sunset and will be high in the south at 1 AM. Venus is still dominating the morning sky shining extremely bright in the east a couple of hours before sunrise. Uranus will be dimly visible in the darkest areas and easily seen in small telescopes rising about a half hour after Mars.

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All Pictures Taken in My Heavenly Backyard with my Telescopes

The Heavens
Autumn is the season of the Pleiades rising in the NE around midnight and is seen as a fuzzy patch of stars. This is followed by Orion the Hunter which means that winter is not far behind. The 'Summer Triangle' composing of the stars Vega, Altair and Deneb, is still visible and is high in the sky at sunset. Near Deneb in the 'Swan' is the nebula shaped like a continent and is known as the North America Nebula. However, you need a wide view telescope to see this beauty along with time-lapse photography (as many is the case for deep space objects). The Andromeda galaxy (M31) and one of its companion's, the Triangulum galaxy (M33) are rising in the ENE shortly after sunset. One of the gems in the deep-space sky is the Rosette Nebula and is located near Orion. The Crab Nebula, the results of a star that exploded, rises around midnight while another exploded star forming the Helix Nebula, rises around sunset and is medium high in the southern sky at midnight. There are so many objects awaiting for us to view in a sky near you. (All the pictures were taken in my 'Heavenly Backyard'.)

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North America Nebula

The Pleiades

Orion Nebula

Rosette Nebula

Crab Nebula

Helix Nebula

Andromeda Galaxy

Triangulum Galaxy
All Pictures Taken in My Heavenly Backyard with my Telescopes

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